WAC Contest 2017

Winner Category III - High difficulty
Junges Consortium Berlin - Jugendkammerchor der Musikschule City-West - Berlin/Germany
Conductor: Vinzenz Weissenburger

Winner Category II - Medium difficulty
Chor Rondo Vocale Vaterstetten e.V. - Vaterstetten/Germany
Conductor: Kathrin Schiele-Kiehn

Audience Award*
Mixed Voices Vocal Ensemble e.V. - Geretsried/Germany
Conductor: Roland Hammerschmied

*The choir whose performance contribution receives the most "Likes (thumbs up)" on YouTube wins a voucher of 500 euros from AS Musikverlag. A choir cannot win the Audience Award simultaneously if it is the winner of one of the three categories, even if this choir have the most „Likes“. The second winner's choir with the second most likes then takes the first place.

Chor Rondo Vocale Vaterstetten e.V. = 353 Likes
Mixed Voices Vocal Ensemble e.V. - Geretsried = 288 Likes
Junges Consortium Berlin = 146 Likes
Tygerberg City Choir = 128 Likes

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